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Not That I Needed to Prove it… May 20, 2007

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 Just a quickie to say that I have two new T-shirts up for sale.  Take a looksie:


It also comes in red.  You can grab one for a mere L$35 at SL Exchange, or inworld at the cute cart I just set up at a new mall!  If you search my name you’ll see it in my Picks.  First a cart…next the world??

I seem to be having a problem getting SL Boutique to do anything at the moment…so it’s probably better to stick to SLX for now.


The Velvet Bustle Coat May 13, 2007

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I was busy in Second Life today.  I finally got around to making something I’d been wanting for a while – a velvet bustle coat.  A bustle coat is basically a short jacket with a poofy section at the back (the bustle) that gives you a bit of a J-Lo shape.  It took me a while to get to grips with Gimp (which I’m using because I’m too set in my ways to start learning Photoshop!…plus it’s free), but I ended up with something I’m really proud of (and it looks so cool!).  The bustle is flexi, so it flares out when you walk or fly…like any good bustle should! (hehe…)


You can buy the coat in black, purple, pink and blue versions from SL Exchange or my SL Boutique page: Cazzy Creations. I’m slowly getting enough things together to open my inworld store…wheee!


On Entering the Next Stage of My Second Life…And on Cool Friends With Cameras! May 11, 2007

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The tree has sold!  It sold today to Cat Lane, who I sincerely hope will have fun with it.  I don’t feel sad though, just excited about getting started on my next project (which may or may not be a bar and store combined…hmmm…)  Slurl to come!  And I just want to take this opportunity to thank Timothy Lilliehook (for like the hundredth time!) for taking some amazing pictures at the tree before I sold it…you can see them all on his Flickr page. And I hope you don’t mind, Timothy…but I’ve pinched one of them because I liked it so damn much!:


This is Timothy trying out the couch in the bar….I think I’m jealous of those beautiful wings!  But sadly, we elves are doomed to be wingless (maybe that’s why I make my ears so big, to compensate for the lack of wings).

Stayed tuned to find out what my new land turns into…


Is it too Late to Back Out? May 6, 2007

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I made a scary decision today…I put my land and my tree house bar up for sale.  Yikes!  There were a few factors that led me to this.  One of them being that I just didn’t feel very creative in my tree house, even though I love it.  When I had my first simple bar on my bit of first land, I had constant ideas about how I wanted to improve it.  Ideas on expansion and dreams for the future.  I sold up because I didn’t like my neighbours’ ugly builds and moved to beautiful Arah to build my tree…and the ideas just dried up.  I loved the process of building something new  and the challenge of creating realistic branches, but once it was done, I didn’t know what else to do with it.  I hardly even spent any time there.  Weird?…well, maybe.  But I found a bargain piece of ocean facing property this morning and bought it on impulse.  Now unless I wanted to pay higher tier fees (which I don’t); and unless I wanted to manage two pieces of land at once (which I don’t), the only option was to get off my backside, see if I could kick my creativity mojo back into life and sell the land in Arah.  This could very well be a brilliant decision for me.  After all, creating an elven home beside the water is bound to be a lot of fun.  The tree may reappear one day (if I ever make enough lindens to afford more land!), but for now I’m going to pass it to another (hopefully) loving owner.  I’m selling the land with the tree house, bar, telepad, working swing, pose balls and furniture (including the nifty giant pose couch I’m currently flogging for L$30 a pop) all included.  Deal of the century!  Or at least I think so…  If you’re interested in living the life of a tree elf, check out the slurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Arah/73/129/96.


Here I am surveying my new land.  As you can see, I’m surrounded by the usual crap that gets left lying around when a lot of land in an area is up for sale…let’s hope it all settles down soon!  I’m wearing a pair of boots from Nico Creations (slurl: Nico Island), which are my new favourite things.  And they only cost L$100, bargain!!


Elf in the City April 9, 2007

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I got some good quality wandering under my belt this weekend (in between eating easter eggs…which blew the diet out the window, oops!).  I began by searching for any interesting classes to attend.  I tend to have a problem whenever I do this because being a UK Second Lifer, most classes begin when I’m fast asleep in the early hours of the morning.  Undeterred, I spotted a classified for a tarot reading class for writers at the Mystic Academy.  Specifically, it was about beating writers’ block by using the cards for inspiration.  ‘Great!’ I thought.  I have a rl deck of tarot cards (although my mum is far more adept at using them than me…spooky little lady…) and my goal in life is to be a bestselling author by the time I’m 35 (you have to have a dream, people!)  So along I toddled to the mysterious sounding Mystic Academy in Immortal Woman He.  It took me a little while to discover that I was early for the class (about 24 hours early, unfortunately!) and that I had stumbled into some sort of Academy committee meeting…oh dear!, how embarrassing!  Except that it wasn’t embarrassing at all.  I was immediately greeted and invited to sit down on a rather sumptuous sofa.  Everyone was really friendly and an Academy member called Zenny even gave me a tour of the building (thank you Zenny!!).  The Mystic Academy building is gorgeous!  It looks like a gothic castle on the outside, and the inside is full of comfy places to sit, beautiful classrooms full of particle effects and a club in the loft…where I had a cheeky go on some drums (hehe!).


Playin’ the skins at ClubMystik

What amazed me most about the Mystic Academy was the huge amount of classes on offer.  It’s like Hogwarts for adults!  Unfortunately, but as predicted, I couldn’t stay up late enough to attend the tarot class.  So what an incredible surprise it was to find a transcript of it waiting for me when I next logged in!  This was sent by Julie (whose class it was I’d missed), and was very, very appreciated.  If you’re interested in the more spiritual side of life, I strongly suggest you go take a looksie.  Here’s the SLURL: The Mystic Academy.

So, fresh from my successful wandering, I turned my attention back to the search button…and couldn’t believe what I found!  It’s finally happened, someone has recreated London in Second Life (or a small part of it anyway!).  I tp’ed into London Knightsbridge on Easter Sunday morning, right in the middle of their easter egg hunt (do I have good timing or what?).  The details here are incredible, right down to the underground station and the red buses and telephone boxes.  Don’t believe me?  Take a look!:


Been waitin’ ages for this damn train…


…I’ll have to catch the bus instead!

If you fancy a trip to ole London town, here’s the SLURLy goodness: London Knightsbridge.

Knightsbridge is also where I met Alf Korhonen, who kindly offered to show me London from the sky in his new helicopter…well how could I refuse?  Riding over the buildings in a chopper was a lot of fun, and gave me a really good view of the area.




In fact, Alf was so cool, I think it’s only fair to publish this excellent picture of him in front of his helicopter!  Who can resist a man in uniform? 🙂


Speaking of men in uniform…on Monday Alf took me to see the Britannic Virtual Airlines HQ, for which he’s the Press Officer.  So ladies, if you like handsome pilots…this is where they can be found!!  There’s even a club here (Top Gun, anyone?) although it was closed when we were there.

Cazzy wonders what an elf has to do to get a drink around here!

But personally, I think the very coolest thing you can do here is…skydive!  Alf gave me my very own parachute (wouldn’t wanna go jumping off anything without one of those!) before we tp’d to the jump platform…which was quite scary and had what looked like a diving board at one end.  Being an elf who will try anything once (well, almost anything…), I marched up to the end of the diving board and jumped…flailed in mid air for a bit before remembering that Alf told me to fly…hovered…and then…whoosh!  Out popped the parachute to ferry me safely to the ground.  Scaredy cats beware!  But if you’re more of a thrill seeker, here’s the SLURL: Britannic Virtual Airlines HQ.  I don’t know how long this SLURL will work because the HQ is moving soon to their own islands (with higher skydive jumps apparently, yay!).


Don’t look doooooowwwwwnnnnn!

Thank you, Alf, for a brilliant trip!  And now this busy little elf is all tuckered out…time to head back to the tree house for a bedtime tipple and a nice lie down.


“Ears” to the Memories April 1, 2007

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I know I probably look like I’m obsessed with ears now…but I made another pair of elf ears.  Actually I made four pairs.  I decided that my flexi elf ears were looking a little plain…they needed a little bling….a little colour…they needed earrings!  So off I went on my merry way, attaching little prim hoops to my existing ears…but I hit a snag.  Inflexible prims (such as hoops) don’t seem to like staying attached to flexible prims (such as ears).  You can link them together easily of course, but as soon as you walk anywhere and your ears start moving about, your earrings resolutely refuse to move about with them.  They stay put and end up floating somewhere near your cheek, far away from the ears they are supposed to be neatly plugged into.  I’m sure there’s a way of overcoming this problem, but I couldn’t discover it.  Doh!, back to the drawing board.  So instead, I made a pair of inflexible ears; and curved them to get the same kind of slant that my other ears had.  Hey presto!, ears and earrings now link up nicely!  And because I couldn’t decide what colour earrings I wanted, (and because I own a stupid amount of hair, all in different colours, that I knew would look cute as hell if I could colour match it to my new jewellery) I ended up making the ears with gold, silver, amethyst and rose quartz earrings.  I’m pretty much loving the rose quartz earrings with some shocking pink hair at the moment…


All four pairs are now up for sale on SLBoutique (Cazzy Creations) and SLExchange.

And if you’re like me and love to colour-coordinate your wardrobe, you can also buy all of them in a bargainous megapak (“yay!” I hear you say…maybe). Now I suppose I’d better do some exploring…But before I go, I just wanted to mention a website I found today.  It’s called SL Profiles and it looks like a Second Life version of MySpace, right down to the ability to add friends and leave comments on their pages.  It looks like a really nice idea, and might prove to be a place to make new Second Life friends.  Anyway, I signed up and created a profile which you can view HERE. So if you’re a member, feel free to swing by!


So I Make Clothes Now… March 25, 2007

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Thanks to the fantastic advice on Natalia Zelmanov’s blog and the free LoopRez script you can get at her inworld store…I am the proud creator of a flexi mini.  Even though it took me forever to get the rotation degrees of my panels just right…and even though for at least six hours I couldn’t understand why my flexi panels kept trailing out from my backside when I walked (I did fix this…eventually), I am so pleased with myself right now I think I may do a little dance in front of my keyboard (wait…there it is.  You obviously can’t see me doing it so you’ll have to take my word for it).  Here is what I made (in not one, but three different colours…you’re impressed, right?  Hehe).


I’ve called it the Punk Princess collection.  I also made the stockings and the little garters (stocking tops?) to match.  I had wanted a little tarten mini like this for ages…couldn’t find one anywhere.  I’d been scared of tackling clothing because if you go any further than fiddling with the appearence settings to make (really ugly) skirts and (weird shaped) tops, it looks so damn complicated.  But if you persevere, flexi skirts are really not that scary.  Not if you follow Natalia’s excellent tutorial anyway.  Here’s the link if you’re interested: Making Flexi Prim Skirts With Ged Larson’s LoopRez Script.  Ged Larson seems like a cool guy too, he made the LoopRez script and gives it away for free.  As always, my newest creations (babies…ahem) are available to buy on SLBoutique (Cazzy Creations) and SLExchange.