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The Elf Hanky T-Shirt June 19, 2007

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There’s a new Urban Elf design out today, the Elf Hanky T-Shirt.  This took a bit of fiddling around with in Gimp until I got the neckline exactly as I wanted it!  Check it out:


It comes in six colours – Red, pink, turquoise, burgundy, powder blue and purple (whew!).  You can grab one of your very own from SL Boutique, SL Exchange and my store in Mordor. I’m rapidly running out of space at my other stores, so until I sort them out this is the only place inworld you can get it.

Have fun elf fans!


The Urban Elf World Domination Plans March On! June 10, 2007

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I’ve been a busy little elf since I last blogged.  For starters, I’ve designed a new skirt.  I was playing around with Ged Larson’s LoopRez Script, trying to layer different sets of panels over each other; and I ended up with this cute mini tutu…

I used the same idea for the garters and the stockings that I incorporated into the Punk Princess collection (my first efforts at skirt designing…some have said they look like lamp shades but to those people I simply stick my tongue out and waggle my flexi ears…)  I made a purple and a red version, both available on SLExchange and SLBoutique, as well as…wait for it…my THREE inworld stores.

Yes!  You heard correctly…I had so much fun putting the store in Potter Village together that when I spied some more ideal sites, I couldn’t help but slap down the rent and settle myself in.  The first store is in Mordor, which is an amazingly detailed recreation of Sauron’s Mount Doom from The Lord of the Rings, complete with the ALL SEEING EVIL EYE!…scary.  Here’s a picture of Mordor…this sim quite literally blew me away.

Do ya wanna see what my store here looks like?  Go on, ya know you do…

Pretty groovy, huh?  I wasn’t sure if it was an elf’s place to be setting up shop on Mount Doom (seeing as Sauron and his legions of orcs and goblins are kinda our mortal enemies), but no one has seemed to mind.  Here’s the slurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Mordor/177/177/26

The owner of Mordor, Beezer Golding, has got a web site dedicated to the sim and the events held at the Slayer’s Club, which is a pretty decent rock club right on the top of Mount Doom (I think I saw Gollum scurrying around up there but I’m not sure…).  You can view the site here: Mordor.

My third store is in a place called Faery Haven on the Mordred sim.  This is a fantasy medieval sim so you’ll see plenty of folk wandering around wearing huge wings and ball dresses. This is the slurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Mordred/188/74/22

Urban Elf in Faery Haven

So…I began thinking to myself, I have all these stores…wouldn’t it be cool to have my own Urban Elf group?  Well knock me down with an oversized feather if I didn’t only go and create one!  If you join you can find out about new products, special offers and members only competitions.  Plus you get that awesome ‘Urban Elf’ tag!  You can join by searching for ‘Urban Elf’ under groups and hitting the join button, or you can IM me inworld and I’ll send you an invite. 

One more link before I wander off to play some slingo on Mount Doom (who knew Sauron was into gambling?)…Timothy Lilliehook took some gorgeous pictures of my store in Potter Village and put them on his Flickr page. This guy is a really talented SL photographer…so go and have a look!


Not That I Needed to Prove it… May 20, 2007

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 Just a quickie to say that I have two new T-shirts up for sale.  Take a looksie:


It also comes in red.  You can grab one for a mere L$35 at SL Exchange, or inworld at the cute cart I just set up at a new mall!  If you search my name you’ll see it in my Picks.  First a cart…next the world??

I seem to be having a problem getting SL Boutique to do anything at the moment…so it’s probably better to stick to SLX for now.


The Velvet Bustle Coat May 13, 2007

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I was busy in Second Life today.  I finally got around to making something I’d been wanting for a while – a velvet bustle coat.  A bustle coat is basically a short jacket with a poofy section at the back (the bustle) that gives you a bit of a J-Lo shape.  It took me a while to get to grips with Gimp (which I’m using because I’m too set in my ways to start learning Photoshop!…plus it’s free), but I ended up with something I’m really proud of (and it looks so cool!).  The bustle is flexi, so it flares out when you walk or fly…like any good bustle should! (hehe…)


You can buy the coat in black, purple, pink and blue versions from SL Exchange or my SL Boutique page: Cazzy Creations. I’m slowly getting enough things together to open my inworld store…wheee!


So I Make Clothes Now… March 25, 2007

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Thanks to the fantastic advice on Natalia Zelmanov’s blog and the free LoopRez script you can get at her inworld store…I am the proud creator of a flexi mini.  Even though it took me forever to get the rotation degrees of my panels just right…and even though for at least six hours I couldn’t understand why my flexi panels kept trailing out from my backside when I walked (I did fix this…eventually), I am so pleased with myself right now I think I may do a little dance in front of my keyboard (wait…there it is.  You obviously can’t see me doing it so you’ll have to take my word for it).  Here is what I made (in not one, but three different colours…you’re impressed, right?  Hehe).


I’ve called it the Punk Princess collection.  I also made the stockings and the little garters (stocking tops?) to match.  I had wanted a little tarten mini like this for ages…couldn’t find one anywhere.  I’d been scared of tackling clothing because if you go any further than fiddling with the appearence settings to make (really ugly) skirts and (weird shaped) tops, it looks so damn complicated.  But if you persevere, flexi skirts are really not that scary.  Not if you follow Natalia’s excellent tutorial anyway.  Here’s the link if you’re interested: Making Flexi Prim Skirts With Ged Larson’s LoopRez Script.  Ged Larson seems like a cool guy too, he made the LoopRez script and gives it away for free.  As always, my newest creations (babies…ahem) are available to buy on SLBoutique (Cazzy Creations) and SLExchange.