A Wandering Elf’s Second Life

My (mis)adventures in Second Life

About February 16, 2007

I joined Second Life in November 2006…and finally found a place where pointy ears are not frowned upon! (in fact they are encouraged).

Me looking fine in a purple wig

Not being an elf who likes to keep her thoughts and opinions to herself, I have decided to share some of my virtual adventures with the world. And please check out my store!: http://www.SLBoutique.com/Cazzy_Ewry/

I sell prefab bars and nifty little furniture pieces; as well as clothes (fit for an Urban Elf, of course!) and FLEXI elf ears (whoop whoop!).

By the way….How old is this picture??  Sheesh, I’m still wearing newbie skin and my ears don’t even match!  Yikes…


4 Responses to “About”

  1. patou dumont Says:

    how are you ?
    i just finish a comic-book i did using second life.
    i would like to ask if you could post it on your website,
    so other people could download and read it too.
    i would be super happy if others could see my work. 😀

    the link for the download is:

    Click to access le-rendezvous.pdf

    thank you so much. best wishes.

    patou dumont

    ps.: not sure this is the email or comment box. didn’t find a direct link to your email. 😦

  2. Cazzy Ewry Says:

    Consider it done Patou! A comic book?…Cool!

  3. FreeLife Magazine (www.freelifemagazine.com), considered world wide the best magazine about Second Life has recently announced a partnership with Rezzable (www.rezzable.com ). A launch party will be hold in Crimson Shadow on February 26th 12-03 pm SLT, with DJ Daxie Delcon (directly from Industry Club), free clothes from Rezzable and much more!
    Stay tuned for more news!

    FreeLife Magazine is always hiring new reporters, contact us!

    Advertise with FreeLife Magazine, major discounts for submission before February 29th.


  4. unnamed Says:

    wow! super!

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