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A Haven for Elves July 8, 2007

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I recently found a little hidden gem…Eldamar, home of Elvenhome Designs and the JRR Tolkien Education Centre. It’s a Tolkien inspired land worthy of Rivendell itself (perfect if you’re a Lord of the Rings mega freak like me, lol!). In sim owner Jesmaine Tzara’s own words: “Eldamar is a Second Life SIM designed around a Middle-earth Elven theme. In J.R.R. Tolkien’s writings, Eldamar, or Elvenhome, was the realm of the Elves in the Ancient West, a place of healing and beauty where Time passed more slowly and nothing decayed or grew old.”


The welcome area is surrounded by these coloured balls, or meep station…just right click any of the destinations and select ‘meep!’ and you’ll be transported there. These meep stations can be found all over the land, giving easy access to everything.


Here’s me feeling like the king (queen?) of the world…ahem…in front of The Tower of the Sky (you can actually get a copy of the tower, or the neighbouring Tower of the Moon, for only L$1500. Buy from the box right outside the front door). The pond behind me is full of fish…I hope Mr Flamingo doesn’t get wind of this!


I was contemplating going for a swim…but decided against it. The water beneath me cascades into a mini waterfall…and I didn’t have the heart to half-drown my virtual self (that’s just cruel).


I went to check out the JRR Tolkien Education Centre…and look who I found! Gollum was only too happy to show me around (after I convinced him I didn’t have his precioussss of course!). The Centre has information about the peoples of Middle Earth to read, and photos from the film trilogy.


If you wander through Eldamar and over Eragon Bridge, you’ll find yourself in the land of Eragon, home of the awesome Kookaburra Pub. By the time I’d made my way here I was so thirsty I couldn’t wait for a bartender and decided to help myself to a beer…I’m sure no one noticed…

One of my favourite parts of Eldamar is Caras Galadhon. This is the heart of Eldamar and home to beautiful gardens and fountains…plus there’s a secret in the trees…


What’s this?…an Urban Elf store in the Calas Galadhon shopping area?…hehe. Well, an ancient home of the elves has to be a perfect place for Urban Elf, right? And I LOVE this shopping area. The shops are all inside the trees themselves, high above Eldamar and connected by a series of walkways. Plus, if you sell elf/fantasy type items, I would strongly suggest heading over there right away. The rent is a bargain and there’s plenty of empty units left…go snap them up! All you need to do is contact the very friendly Jesmaine Tzara inworld.

So now I have stores in Eldamar and Mordor…I’m sensing a theme here… Fancy taking a look at one of the elves’ ancient hideaways? Here’s the Slurl!: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Eldamar/173/173/62

And on a side note…


Have you ever tried randomising your shape while in Appearance mode?….omg! That is friggin’ fugly! I strongly suggest NOT saving if you try this…you’ve been warned!


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  1. Shalafi Says:

    LORD OF THE RINGS SUCKS> Star Wars rules. 🙂

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