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What the Fudge?? June 20, 2007

Filed under: This Elf's Life — Cazzy Ewry @ 11:45 am

Ok, I may get into rant mode here.  I officially do not understand why people rent land!  Renting vendor space in a mall…now that’s different, that’s all well and good.  Some vendor spaces are more expensive than others, some offer a higher prim limit than others, but in the main – it’s all cool.  Now, renting actual land on the other hand…Why??  Perhaps I should set this rant in some sort of context before you all drop off to sleep…

Remember the oceanside land I bought a few posts back?  The land on which I was going to build a shop and bar extravaganza?  Well, I’ve been keeping a little secret to myself…after renting some vendor spots for a couple of weeks and seeing that was going ok, I sold the land.  It’s mostly due to rl financial issues (aren’t most things??  Blah!).  The plan was then this: Downgrade my premium account to a basic one and save the $9.95 a month; and eventually rent some land on which to build the Urban Elf headquarters.  A seemingly good plan…until I looked at rental prices!  How do these people seriously make a living?  Here’s an example:


Let’s call this rental land part of Fart Hart Estates (name changed to protect the greedy).  Looks pretty empty behind me doesn’t it?  Here’s the reason why…To rent a 1024 sq. metre piece of land here will cost you a one time fee of L$22400 and then a further L$5600 (or $20) a month in rent.  Whoah!  Slow down there!  That’s double what I would pay for the land if I bought it outright (the current going price for 1024 land is about L$12000 – and I actually saw some today selling for L$10286); and yes, that means I would also have to pay monthly for a premium account and Linden Lab tier fees.  But let’s work this out…That would cost me L$12000 for the land and $14.95 a month in account and tier fees…Compare that to Fart Hart Estate’s generous offer of L$22400 up front and $20 a month fees…Now am I losing my mind or is that a crappy deal?

But Fart Hart Estates are not alone.  It seems that rental prices are overblown across the Grid.  The better land barons will only charge you L$1 to lay claim to your chosen piece of land (quite a difference from L$22400!!) but the monthly tier fees still don’t add up when you compare them to what you would be paying Linden Labs for land the same size.

Plus there’s all the rules and regulations!  Sheesh…no laggy scripts, no huge builds, don’t build close to your neighbour’s land, don’t use ban lines, don’t do this, don’t do that.  I know that nobody wants to live next to a butt ugly club that blocks out the sky and is filled with laggy camping chairs…but do you also want to feel like you’re in school again?  I know I don’t, it was bad enough the first time!

One last gripe, might as well get them all outta my system now!  Why can you no longer find normal, bog standard land to buy in the SL Search?  It’s all land barons, rentals and covenants.  If you want land to call your own (and not be somebody else’s rent paying bitch), I’d suggest searching the secondlife.com forums instead…real land is still out there, you just have to work a little harder to find it.

Rant over!

P.S. You could do worse than check out Darius Lehane’s Guide to Land: How to Own Land and Make Money (or not spend much) – Brilliant!


8 Responses to “What the Fudge??”

  1. Wrath Says:

    Yay, I love land rant posts!! (Having made a few myself, of course, hehe)

    However, I don’t understand the part where you say “To rent a 1024 sq metre piece of land here will cost you a one time fee of L$22400” – – that sounds like a purchase price, not part of a rental fee agreement. Actually, I haven’t seen any rental property that charges an upfront fee, is that a common practice I somehow overlooked?

    And even as a purchase price, that seems like an extreme example you were able to find. Checking prices on one well-known baron’s site, for example, shows 3072 sq m for sale for L$20999 (and $18 USD monthly thereafter) or monthly rental fees for 1024m at $6 USD monthly with no upfront cost – and those seemed to be the averages I had noticed when I first considered renting versus buying. And at $6 USD monthly without having to pay for a premium account + tier fees for 1024m, that sounds not too awfully bad.

    However, the deciding factor for me was, what is to stop the land baron from raising their monthly tier fee dramatically at any time they want to? True, they would lose customers and word would get around, but nothing is to keep them from selling the island right out from under you, as well.

  2. Cazzy Ewry Says:

    Yeah, ranting can make everything better! Lol… The L$22400 was part of the rental agreement…which is why I was so incredulous about it. I must admit I haven’t seen any rental plans as cheap as $6 a month, because I would have jumped on a deal as good as that! Maybe it’s worth my doing some more research. Hmmm…interesting…

  3. I can only talk about my experience here and I was only looking for a small piece of land for living, not for shop building. I first had a 512m parcel on mainland, which I bought for 6500 L$. It had an ugly surrounding, with a lot of things changing all the time, and the sim it was on was laggy and always full of campers (no, not Topgol). It wasn’t any fun at all, but didn’t cost me any monthly tier except for the premium membership. Luckily, I was able to sell it to a neighbor at the same price that I bought it for and so didnt lose money with it.

    After that, I decided to move to a 512m parcel on a private sim, which cost me 4500 L$ to buy it and then 7 US$/month as tier. And yes, it has a covenant with a couple of rules, too. It is a residential only island, so no shop for me. But what I get for it is a stable sim with way less lag, a nice beach-themed surrounding with great neighbors and a place that really feels like home. For me, thats all I need 🙂

  4. Wrath Says:

    Err, okay, I think I sorta misspoke, hehe. Looking at the source again, I notice the $6 a month is tier fees if you bought 1024m of land from them, however to rent 1024m would be L$2400 a month (no upfront fees or premium account reqd, etc), or a bit over $8 USD.

    Which I think is probably average for rentals I’ve seen – $L600 a week sounds pretty common. Which isn’t entirely bad, as $8 USD a month for 1024m of land is still cheaper then purchase + premium account + tier fees. But for some reason I tend to view renting versus owning in SL the same as RL, which might not be the smartest thing to do, but I just hate feeling like I am spending money each month but not gaining any value in return.

    Keep us posted if you find something good! 🙂

  5. Not that I’d really now much about land renting – or even buying! Being as what my partner likes to call low class of SL 😉 Just wanted to say that I love your blog and will deffinitely check your store out, although I’m not an urban elf, but a part-time fairy 🙂 Good luck with your business!

  6. Cazzy Ewry Says:

    Thx Bailey! Well, I suppose I’m in the low class of sl too (now that I have no land)…Us lower classes should stick together! Hehe…

  7. Roxette Wise Says:

    Hi Cazzy, I would have agreed with you a month ago (got stung by Fart Hart myself!) until I found the joys of double prim sim! I rent on a beautiful quiet sim Qoheleth, pay 665L$ per week for a 1400 sq m that comes with over 600 prims!! I can even sail my boat down the river (that passes in front of my house) and out into the sea around the sim.

    Come visit you’ll love the beauty of this residental sim.

  8. patou dumont Says:

    [off-topic] thanks for the link to the comic book. 🙂

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