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The Elf Hanky T-Shirt June 19, 2007

Filed under: My Clothing Projects — Cazzy Ewry @ 10:01 pm

There’s a new Urban Elf design out today, the Elf Hanky T-Shirt.  This took a bit of fiddling around with in Gimp until I got the neckline exactly as I wanted it!  Check it out:


It comes in six colours – Red, pink, turquoise, burgundy, powder blue and purple (whew!).  You can grab one of your very own from SL Boutique, SL Exchange and my store in Mordor. I’m rapidly running out of space at my other stores, so until I sort them out this is the only place inworld you can get it.

Have fun elf fans!


2 Responses to “The Elf Hanky T-Shirt”

  1. Eppie Hock Says:

    Just wondering..but what’s the difference between an Elf and a Fairy? 🙂

  2. Cazzy Ewry Says:

    Hmmm…That’s a good one! I’d say that wings are the big difference (elves obviously don’t have them). I think fairies are also a little more delicate than elves…but having never been one I may well be wrong!

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