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Love Me, Love My Ears June 16, 2007

Filed under: This Elf's Life — Cazzy Ewry @ 6:06 pm

I couldn’t believe my ears when I saw this tasty blog entry:

“I just got out of the shower, and I was thinking, how did elves (both traditional elves and World of Warcraft elves with uber-long ears) evolve such long ears? I thought about the advantages of having longer ears and what kinds of environmental pressures that might select for longer ears in elf populations. The ears are not necessarily bigger, so they are not for better hearing… I then thought, well what about sexual selection? Could female-choice and male competition select for longer ears? Do female elves only mate with the male elves that have the longest ears? This would be similar to peacocks and other sexually dimorphic species. But wait, elves are not really sexually dimorphic. Male and female elves look relatively the same, so sexual selection could not be the reason for elves evolving long ears.

…My last thought before I left the shower was epiphanic. Elves are not real.”


Elves are not real?  What am I, chopped liver?? (eww…) He might have something about sexual selection though…I do like the men with the big pointies!


One Response to “Love Me, Love My Ears”

  1. lilypadjohn Says:

    bwahahaha hilarious 🙂

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