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Announcing the Grand Opening of Urban Elf! May 27, 2007

Filed under: This Elf's Life — Cazzy Ewry @ 9:28 pm

Still dithering over how to go about building my store, I have decided to rent one for a while instead.  I toured the usual round of crap…big, ugly, horribly built malls with all the charisma of a dead gerbil…but then I found Potter Village!  I knew it was the perfect place for Urban Elf (cool name, huh?) straight away.  It’s a gorgeous little spot, a river with shops lining both sides, crossed by the sort of bridges you can imagine would be found in a Tolkien novel.  So…the store opened today!  It took me a little while to sort out what I wanted to sell…and then I wanted to take a completely new set of pictures and redo everything in my paint programme…but it’s done!  Let the selling commence!  Ahem…  Anyway, here’s me taking a little bow in front of my handiwork: 


If you think I look pleased with myself…well, that’s because I am! Hehe… Here’s a shot of the front of the store:


I’m so glad I found a nice place to rent. The first place I tried was Brown Tree Mall in Belgarath. I should have heeded the warning signals…pug ugly build surrounded by other pug ugly builds and huge ‘For Sale’ signs, too much vendor space still available and pictures of scantily clad women patching up the walls in the (many) places where no one had yet set up shop. But what can i say?…I was seduced by the lure of cheap rent!! Serves me right…I handed over my money to the rent box, IMed the owner for a group tag so I could start hawking my wares, and…I’m still waiting. Two IMs later and it looks like I’m out of pocket. A word to the wise: AVOID hideous Brown Tree Mall! And come to Potter Village, the new home of Urban Elf, instead…lol!

Here’s the SLURL: Urban Elf. Hope to see ya there!

Oh…and special thanks to Barny Otoole who was an excellent model for some of my pictures.  Thanks Barny, I owe ya one!


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