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So I Make Clothes Now… March 25, 2007

Filed under: My Clothing Projects — Cazzy Ewry @ 2:15 pm

Thanks to the fantastic advice on Natalia Zelmanov’s blog and the free LoopRez script you can get at her inworld store…I am the proud creator of a flexi mini.  Even though it took me forever to get the rotation degrees of my panels just right…and even though for at least six hours I couldn’t understand why my flexi panels kept trailing out from my backside when I walked (I did fix this…eventually), I am so pleased with myself right now I think I may do a little dance in front of my keyboard (wait…there it is.  You obviously can’t see me doing it so you’ll have to take my word for it).  Here is what I made (in not one, but three different colours…you’re impressed, right?  Hehe).


I’ve called it the Punk Princess collection.  I also made the stockings and the little garters (stocking tops?) to match.  I had wanted a little tarten mini like this for ages…couldn’t find one anywhere.  I’d been scared of tackling clothing because if you go any further than fiddling with the appearence settings to make (really ugly) skirts and (weird shaped) tops, it looks so damn complicated.  But if you persevere, flexi skirts are really not that scary.  Not if you follow Natalia’s excellent tutorial anyway.  Here’s the link if you’re interested: Making Flexi Prim Skirts With Ged Larson’s LoopRez Script.  Ged Larson seems like a cool guy too, he made the LoopRez script and gives it away for free.  As always, my newest creations (babies…ahem) are available to buy on SLBoutique (Cazzy Creations) and SLExchange.


8 Responses to “So I Make Clothes Now…”

  1. Friendly greetings Cazzy! I came here from Natalia’s blog! Right on to see that you’re getting deeper into content creation. There are some scripted tools inworld to make flexiskirts too, e.g., align them and do the rotations. I don’t have a list offhand but I actually think Natalia has namedropped one (or more?) of them previously. Would be nice to have a list of flexiprim clothing resources; it’s an industry unto its own.

    Keep punkin’ out in plaid! *plays abrupt guitar riff*

  2. Cazzy Ewry Says:

    Gotta love a guitar playin’ Linden!

  3. MIssy Cazalet Says:

    Love the plaid clothes, but that twig of an elf really needs to eat a meal and put some beef on her bones… Oooooh, way to skinny!

  4. Cazzy Ewry Says:

    Hahaha Missy! Do you know what? I was only just thinking about fleshing myself out a little more…spooky! But then, the life of an elf and climbing up trees all day does burn up the calories, LOL!

  5. Ged Larsen Says:

    Thanks for the kind comment, and glad the script helped. Dropping just a little present on you, in-world. 🙂

  6. Cazzy Ewry Says:

    Thanks Ged!! Hehe…I love presents!

  7. Ainhoa Says:

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  8. Your use of such emphatic words in your article shows an intense excitement in what you are trying to convey. Keep up the good work! I will most definitely post a link to https://secondelf.wordpress.com/2007/03/25/so-i-make-clothes-now/ on my site.

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