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So I Make Clothes Now… March 25, 2007

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Thanks to the fantastic advice on Natalia Zelmanov’s blog and the free LoopRez script you can get at her inworld store…I am the proud creator of a flexi mini.  Even though it took me forever to get the rotation degrees of my panels just right…and even though for at least six hours I couldn’t understand why my flexi panels kept trailing out from my backside when I walked (I did fix this…eventually), I am so pleased with myself right now I think I may do a little dance in front of my keyboard (wait…there it is.  You obviously can’t see me doing it so you’ll have to take my word for it).  Here is what I made (in not one, but three different colours…you’re impressed, right?  Hehe).


I’ve called it the Punk Princess collection.  I also made the stockings and the little garters (stocking tops?) to match.  I had wanted a little tarten mini like this for ages…couldn’t find one anywhere.  I’d been scared of tackling clothing because if you go any further than fiddling with the appearence settings to make (really ugly) skirts and (weird shaped) tops, it looks so damn complicated.  But if you persevere, flexi skirts are really not that scary.  Not if you follow Natalia’s excellent tutorial anyway.  Here’s the link if you’re interested: Making Flexi Prim Skirts With Ged Larson’s LoopRez Script.  Ged Larson seems like a cool guy too, he made the LoopRez script and gives it away for free.  As always, my newest creations (babies…ahem) are available to buy on SLBoutique (Cazzy Creations) and SLExchange.


Demons, Knights and Leprechauns March 21, 2007

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On Sunday night I attended my first fashion show.  It was showcasing sports wear which isn’t really my style, but I hadn’t been to one before so I thought I’d check it out.  There was a very mixed crowd, as you can see from the picture:


The guy behind me looked quite scary…hehe.  Unfortunately I got there too late to see most of the show, which featured a lot of UK football strips, but it seemed well put together.


This was in the Dublin sim, one of my favourite places because of the friendly people…although it’s popularity sometimes makes the lag unbearable.  But if you want somewhere fun to go, search for Dublin and check out the Blarney Stone pub…there’s nearly always something happening there and I spent one of the best nights of my second life dancing away to one of their DJs (I wish I could remember her name!  I think it was Cher something…)

Anyway…this brings me onto the subject of tonight’s adventures.  I can’t decide if I want to get involved in a roleplay sim or not.  I love the idea of being intricately entwined with a passionate community and creating elaborate storylines for myself; and most of the fantasy themed places look incredible (see Avallon Mist for example).  But I just don’t know if I can let myself go enough to really get into character.  I wandered around several sims including Second Earth (which is pretty strict on dress code…you have to wear medieval clothes and a vistor’s name tag at all times.  Everyone calls you “maid” and will randomly spring into action at a cry of “Orcs!  To the battlements!”) and Toxian City (which I just couldn’t get a feel for…although the bleak landscape of brooding buildings was impressive).  Everywhere I went, I couldn’t help feeling out of place.  I just didn’t feel comfortable.  The people in these places take everything a little too seriously; and this can become a breeding ground for the ridiculous.  Take this little incident I witnessed in City of Lost Angels, a dark roleplay, combat and sex community:


Now what you’re looking at is the result of a heated debate between a group of demons (I think they were demons!).  From what I gathered before I got embarrassed by my own blatent eavesdropping and tped away, the unfortunate demon pinned to the floor with it’s multiple arms and legs waving in the air (the one that looks like a spider) had had some kind of restricting collar placed on it by a fellow demon.  Now this is all part of the roleplaying fun, right?  Or so it should be, except that the scene became quite uncomfortable when the inflicted demon begged several times to be released, only to be struck down (I don’t know if they were stuck to the floor, I suppose they could have tped away…), all watched by the group of demons.  This too, all sounds as if it was part of the roleplay.  But I didn’t get a sense of that.  I felt that the real person behind that demon avatar was actually becoming destressed.  Now I don’t know much about the City of Lost Angels community.  I don’t know squat about that particular group of demons.  I may have just spouted a load of ignorant crap that should be deleted immediately.  What I do know is that whatever the situation was, it put me off exploring any more roleplay sims (for a little while anyway!)  I just don’t want to take a fantasy environment that seriously…and I suppose that’s why I feel I wouldn’t fit into communities like this.  But if we were all the same, the world (virtual or otherwise) would be a very boring place, right?

On a side note…City of Lost Angels wasn’t all weird cliques turning on eachother.  This considerably brightened my experience:


The woman in white (the one bending over) danced into the middle of the demon scene, swigging from a beer can and careering into anyone who got in her way…priceless!  She obviously couldn’t take roleplay seriously either.


I Love My Ears! March 18, 2007

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I have often wondered why, in a world teeming with elves and fantasy creatures, it is so hard to find a pair of pointy elf ears in SL.  Yes, you can make your ears look long and pointy simply by dragging the slider in Appearance around, but your normal ears will soon get lost under most types of prim hair.  I finally found some ears I quite liked nestled away in a shop in ElvenGlen’s market, but they were a little too straight…a little too upright…There was nothing for it, I had to try and make my own ears!!  So today I finally got around to giving it a go, and I am really happy with the results.  I made my ears flexi ears to make them more realistic; and they’re a little longer and more tilted than my previous ones.  I’ve put them up for sale on SL Boutique (http://www.SLBoutique.com/Cazzy_Ewry/) and the Exchange if anyone wants a pair of their very own.  I’m so pleased with them I think I’ll have to go now and find somewhere to show them off!


“Ears” lookin’ at you, kid (sorry, that line was truly terrible!)


Empty World…Pt. Two March 10, 2007

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I just wanted to add briefly to last night’s post.  I finally got Quicktime installed on my computer, went back to Life 4-U and watched their news programme.  I wanted to mention it because it was awesome!  It was very impressive and well put together…looked just like a rl news programme in fact.  The only thing I didn’t like was the help sections, they had someone demonstrating how to use avatar poses and how to build.  This is slightly boring if you’ve already been in SL for a while and know the basics; and I’m certain this information can easily be found elsewhere.  But apart from that, I highly recommend it.  Very exciting.


Empty World…But not so Empty Comments March 9, 2007

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I call myself a wandering elf…and so I am, traversing the vast landscape we call Second Life and often leaving the haven of my tree house for hours at a time.  I came upon a fantastic premise in world today….Second Life’s first TV station has apparently arrived.  It’s called Life 4-U and promises to deliver SL news.  I loved the concept…and tped in straight away.  As I’ve found is common in SL lately (maybe it’s down to time zone differences, or maybe I’m just unlucky), the place was deserted…but I was impressed by the sight that greeted me.  An entire TV studio, complete with cameras.  Unfortunately, even after following the instructions and switching my preferences to view streaming video…no magical TV channels or functions materialised.  It took me a little while to realise that I no longer had Quicktime installed (one of the perils of sharing your rl computer with someone who hates Apple), which you need in order to view the stream.  I did, however, get to snatch a quick sit down at one of the nearby computer terminals.  I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be doing at said computer, but my tired feet thanked me for it all the same. 


Go see it for yourself (or not, as the case may be, hehe): http://slurl.com/secondlife/Big%20Bit/72/72/26

On a separate note, after reading Imstill and Hybel’s extremley flattering comments about my tree home *blushes*, I’ve realised my failure to provide a slurl (slaps head and says doh! several times).  So here it is: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Arah/73/129/96  Please feel free to drop in and grab at drink at my tavern…elves and non-elves most welcome!  Hint: When you hit the landing coordinates, fly up!